Legislative Branch

Reinstate Work Station Space Allowances in the CFR

Since the work station space allowances in 41 CFR 101-17.304 have been eliminated executive agencies have doubled the size of administrative office space, thus significantly increasing the amount that the Federal government spends on Office Space. There was a table that specified the amount of office space developed to house office elements of executive agencies. The Table was as follows:

GS 1-6, 60 sq ft

GS 7 -11 (non sup), 75 sq ft

GS 7 - 11 (sup), 100 sq ft

GS 12 - 13 (non sup), 100 sq ft

GS 12 - 13 (non sup), 100 sq ft

GS 12 - 13 (sup), 150 sq ft

GS 14 - 15 (non sup), 150 sq ft

GS 14 - 15 (sup), 225 sq ft

I recommend that work station space allowances be put back into the Code of Federal Regulations. It will significantly reduce the cost the federal Government spends on administrative space.



Idea No. 2595