General Services Administration

Reinstate Gain-Sharing Travel Program

In 2005 I took advantage of the "Gain Sharing Travel Program" which offers incentives to travelers when they help reduce Government Travel Expenses.


The traveler has the option to choose lodging at an approved facility at a lower rate, or if the option is available, obtain accommodations with family or friends.


For lodging at an approved facility in Philadelphia, based on a formula which offered an incentive for travel savings, the government saved 30% of the government rate, or approximately $40 per day.


The potential for government-wide travel savings at 30% of hotel savings alone is significant. When combined with other Gain-Sharing incentives for Airline Reservations and Rental Cars, potential savings could easily exceed 50% per trip.


The local AFGE representative championed the request when it encountered a few snags in the approval process. The result - an incentive check to the traveler for $224, and Government Savings of $392!

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