Department of Energy

Regulatory Oversight

DOE has too much overlapping nuclear safety oversight. We need one regulator, one oversight agency. What I propose is to create within the NRC a new Licensing Board analogous to the ASLB. You might call it the Defense Licensing Board. The DLB would rule on actions brought forward by a new Staff organization within the NRC. It would be the Defense Directorate and its Director would report to the EDO.


The DLB would be staffed by qualified individuals the same as the ASLB. The new directorate would be staffed by the current DNFSB and HSS nuclear safety staff.


In cases where there was not agreement between the DLB and the EDO the NRC Commissioners would rule as is the case with the ASLB.


This arrangement makes the NRC the single federal agency responsible for nuclear safety but by housing the staff within a standalone directorate and having a separate licensing board, it is possible to avoid the complexity for integrating commercial and DOE oversight and regulation.


DNFSB and HSS would be abolished. DOE would have a single oversight group.



Idea No. 13435