Department of Veterans Affairs

Regional "Goodwill" Centers - Equipment, Inventory, Buildings

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One agency's trash is another agency's treasure. Create/improve regional programs responsible for (1) removing, re-purposing, or donating unneeded or excess equipment and inventory (2) and increase visibility of available vacant federal buildings and land.


Here’s an example:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a vast inventory of underutilized and vacant property, including roughly 7.5 million square feet of vacant space. The GAO estimated that VA spent $175 million cost of operating underutilized and vacant space in fiscal year 2007. However, this has gone relatively unchanged in the 4 years since. We can solve this for the VA and other government agencies.


Some agencies, such as the Department of Defense (DoD) have programs similar to this and in 2008 $2.2 billion worth of property was reutilized. However, many agencies do not have the same programs!!!! And often those that do, are significantly underutilized and must be improved!!! There are also sites like that are hardly used. Let me show you the millions and potentially billions of dollars in waste that can be reduced by requiring all agencies to do this and providing them support to do this well.

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