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Reform Insurance

Reform insurance, the common person spends hundreds of dollars every month on insurance, between life, vehicle, health, dental, ect. Most of the money spent on insurance is wasted because in the end you never would have spent that much if you didn’t have an accident. Insurance should have a cap, once you’ve paid the full value or if necessary twice the full value of the item insured the insurance company should no longer be able to bill you unless you’ve had to use the insurance. In a sense instead of throwing money down a bottomless pit it should be more like filling up a well of water. If you’ve spent more than you’re insurance will ever pay out what good is it to you. This would help the governmental debt in the long run because all the money that is paid for military/governmental insurance would then have a cap that would be transferable if it wasn’t used by one person to the next person filling their slot.



Idea No. 16281