Department of Defense

Refine/Consolidate the Federal Govt Security Clearance Process

Refine the Federal security clearance process by establishing (1) federal agency responsible for adjudicating all federal security clearance investigations government-wide. I recommend the entire security clearance operation be transferred to the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security will have direct IT access or work with various Federal agencies and local law enforcement to complete the entire adjudication process. Homeland Security will provide the final determination to the requesting hiring agency via electronic communication. All federal agencies will work w/Homeland Security to obtain security clearances for current and potential employees. Federal agencies will require potential/current employees to submit electronic security clearance forms/paperwork directly to Homeland Security for adjudication. The entire security clearance process will be automated including the capability to upload required supporting documentation on-line. This will eliminate the need for each Federal agency to staff on-site security specialist who only act as the middle man to transmit security clearance packets to OPM for adjudication. This process will improve the speed and efficiency of the Federal govt security clearance process. The cost savings will be reduction of manpower and hardcopy paper forms. In addition, this will be a government-wide process which will eliminate the process of multiple investigations on the same employee. Federal agencies will no longer have the ability to refuse or reject clearances granted by other agencies which slows hiring for national security positions.

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