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Department of Homeland Security

Reevaluate Home-to-Work Vehicles

The justification for home-to-work vehicles is availability for call outs.


Tucson Border Patrol Sector has approx. 300 home-to-work vehicles. Most of these are SUV's or trucks that average 16 MPG. If the average commute is 50 miles RT and average gas cost is $3.47/ gallon the average use per vehicle is 3 gallons/day. 300 vehicles x 3 gallons=900 gallons/day. 900 gallons x $3.47=$3123/day. The average work year is 260 days. $3123 x 260 days= $811,980/work year.


This equates to nearly $1 million dollars per year for only one Border Patrol Sector. There are 20 Border Patrol Sectors nationwide plus HQ components.


Furthermore, Border Patrol is only 1 Agency of one Component of 1 Department.


Rather than have all of these home-to-work vehicles, why not implement a duty-roster for call outs? Government wide, this could save millions of dollars every year.



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