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Reduction and Modernization

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I propose that our govt move into a new era where paper decisionmaking is a thing of the past. Technology exists where secure signatures and sharing networks can bring our offices up to the year 2011. We can reduce the burden on our forests and recycling centers! We can reduce the time it takes to get a document from one decisionmaker to another by using software that allows all decisionmakers to view and sign document simultaneously! Most importantly :-), we can reduce the time on our hard-working support staff that spend much of their time creating "pink," yellow," and "white" copies over and over again for every edit made! We live in the 21st century yet we are stuck in antequated methods of paper routing... going slowly one by one to get a decision made. As Americans, leaders of the modern world, we the govt can be the example to all others as to how to be environmentally and fiscally responsible in all of our processes. The upfront investment will provide a long-term return.

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