Department of Health and Human Services

Reducing the time to hire

An important tool for addressing the goal of reducing the time to hire is to track and publicly report on each of the steps in the hiring process. It is time to put that into practice, not just talk about it. Over a year ago mangers were told a system would be set up and available to managers by July 2010. This was a great idea, but nothing has come of it yet. What has been heard for the last year from senior managers is that based on antidotal information hiring officials, not Human Resources staff is the problem. Based on my personal experience, the opposite is the case. It is the Human Resources staff, not hiring officials that are holding up the process and redefining what is tracked and what is not. For example, depending on who you ask, the vacancy posting time (e.g. open 10 days) is either counted or not counted in the total time to hire.



Idea No. 3589