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Reducing Paper Waste on Initial Employment Papers

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This idea is stemmed by my recent acquirement of a gym membership.


When you first come to an organization, whether it is public or private, you have a ton of paperwork to complete. This paperwork relates to setting up your direct deposits, retirement allocations, and benefits. When I joined the federal work force, I had to fill the same papers multiple times, and some forms had the carbon paper in it. It was a lot of paper, not just in forms but all of the health benefit information as well.


Well, there is software available now that links up a pad (similar to one you would sign your name if you use a credit card at the store) with Adobe PDF. You are still physically signing your paperwork, but it's all electronic.

Along with this idea, what can be done is that new employees can be given the electronic forms that need to be filled instead of the paper copies as it the practice now. They can bring the completed, or semi-completed forms back to HR by either emailing it or using a thumb drive, and still sign those forms in front of HR personnel.

All the forms can be electronically sent to the new employee and all of the required departments after signature has been completed.

So you are reducing paperwork and saving postage.

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