Department of Labor

Reduced cost of medical/rehabilitation services through staffing

Approved medical services in our program (EEOICPA) include rehabilitative and/or vehicle/home modification to accomodate for on-the-job occupational injuries. A nationally certified rehabilitation counselor with warranted contracting officer training/qualification (or simililar) is an expert with knowledge and experience in soliciting bids for work, selecting an appropriate contractor and following execution of the contract to completion. Currently, the basic line-level claims examiner, with no training and full-approval authority, is permitted to provide the contracted rehabilitative needs process-opening the door for excessive waste (significant over spending) and abuse based on a statement from a physician (which is usually a simple statement created by the claimant, provided to their own physician who will naturally sign for the claimant's wants, not their actual medical needs - again, a lot of wasted and unnecessary services are provided. A nationally certified rehabilitation counselor provides the expertise to contain costs by not only assessing the needs of the client accurately, but also making sure that only those needed services are provided. This would be a significant savings in comparision to the open door system the claimants are now permitted to use. Even in the most politically sensitive program there needs to be a rational approach to cost containment-a cerrtified rehabilitation counselor would provide the expert qualifications needed in the equation that could not be questioned by a claimant nor other outside interested party.



Idea No. 7880