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Reduce water usage and cost for water

This may be an inadvertent duplication, however it seems that something might have gone wrong when I just a moment ago submitted it, as I was not actually ready to do submit it before it went 'poof'. This submission thus replaces the previous one.


In my building and probably in many others, there are infrared sensors that automatically flush toilets. The sensors are either mistimed, or otherwise maladjusted in addition to being unnecessary. Because of those factors, water is wasted by multiple flushes, the timing of which is not always needed or correct. If the circuit controlling the sensors were turned off, that would allow control of that process to be returned to humans. Having human control over that would save water (environmental impact) and would save money (utility bills). This should be implemented government wide in any and all buildings having such an automated feature, immediately.



Idea No. 13771