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Reduce redundencey

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When a veteran's claim is proscessed for either in education or compensation benefits we have to print multiple documents that are already available in an electronic formate. Examples of this is that when developing a veteran's claim for compensation benefits we have to print documents from the Social Security Administration, medical treatment records from VA medical centers, and now private medical records as well. The when a veteran's claim for education is processed it is printed one time when it is submitted and developed and thenit is printed again once the claim for education benefits have been completed.


Both of these examples cost the government money in supplies for the paper and the manpower hours to complete these request, review, and print the documents that are in an electronic formate that could be viewed by others in most cases.


Reducing the need to duplicate work would save the US Government in both manpower hours, supplies, and in disoplal fees. This in turn will help to increase producation, timeliness, and streamline claims for veterans.

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