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Department of Homeland Security

Reduce paper waste & furnishing costs at CBP

CBP has an enormous work force and with that an enormous waste of paper. Everything is electronically saved present day, but CBP requires paper copies of everything creating an abundance that ultimately ends up in waste bins w/in a few short years anyway. I think we should reduce the paper trail to a bare minimum, everything can be saved electronically. If paper is needed, it can always be printed later, ultimately it could save millions in paper costs and save millions of trees.


A 2nd wasteful cost is furniture which is contracted commercially and the mark up is phenomenal, a manufactured or molded 4-person square table and chairs can be bought at a typical retail store for generally less than $300, but the government can literally be charged thousands in excess costs; this practice needs to be eliminated, it would as well save millions in excess fees, hidden costs, etc.


Lastly, temperature control in buildings, here I am sitting in my office freezing in the middle of July; there is no need for the waste of excess air conditioning costs. We need to better monitor the A/C and heating units in buildings to keep costs lower.



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