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Reduce paper costs by going to electronic databases

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The cost of paper can be reduced by going to an electronic database. Currently we print and reprint a database for distribution several times a month. This takes away several man hours and uses a lot of paper. This can be reduced if we go to a computer read only file. Most of the places our database goes to have computer access anyway. If we were to go to a computer read only file on the share drive we could have several advantages. Such as updating the database real time, saving man hours that are spent producing the data base, and being able to look up information faster instead of having to turn countless pages. In the long run, this effort would be extremely cost effective and productive at the same time, speeding up personnel and making work more efficient. The amount of paper wasted and destroyed by the contently changing database would save our office a very large amount of money. Other agencies can save from this idea as well.

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