Department of Defense

Reduce lawn care and convert gov land to local farm use

Currently, there is a high cost of lawn maintenance that exists across government facilities. The cost is heightened for low rainfall, high temperature areas. I know this personally as my last duty station had summer temps above 100F, but well maintained grassy areas that were in near perfect condition; which was watered during the peak of day or anytime that was necessary. None of the locals had a lawn of such high quality, as the cost would have been prohibitive for all but those with a federal budget to back them. My proposal is to adopt a government wide lawn care policy that places practicality and utility before conforming to a status quo of pristine lawns. Such an initiative would include longer intervals between watering and cutting, xeriscaping techniques for desert climates, and leasing out desirable land parcels to local farmers, orchards, or for grazing needs.



Idea No. 4915