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Reduce cost to tax payer for Regulatory Permits

Those who want to build a dock or improve their land along a "water of the US" must apply to the Army Corp of Engineers for a permit. This process can take 100s of man hours, not only in the COE but also with Fish & Wildlife, EPA, NOAA, BLM, etc. For the privilege of getting this permit they pay $10 or $100 (that is Ten dollars or One hundred dollars). It costs more to process the checks through the system. This means the entire cost of the permit is paid by all of the tax payers! Individuals may not be able to cover the entire cost of the process that can be upwards of $30,000 but they should cover some of it and businesses should cover more. Public law says that anyone who gets a benefit that is to them and not the public at large is required to pay for that benefit. This fits into that category...or it makes all of these docks public use docks.

Real Estate charges the total cost of preparing an outgrant to the person/company that wants the benefit of using the public land (does not include cities/states that operate recreational facilities). So it is not uncommon to the CoE.

This money should go placed into the accounts of Regulatory and Real Estate as non-appropriated funds (NAFs) that are used to fund their work on these specific items. This would decrease the amounts of Appropriated funds needed to perform these additional activities.



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