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Department of Homeland Security

Reduce Waste and Redundancy, Save Money and Resources

I work at one of FEMA’s National Processing Service Centers. When I am indexing documents into individual registrations I see many of page 2 (sections C and D) of the Declaration of Continuing Need for Temporary Rental Assistance form that have no identifying information on them. The pages become separated from the recertification documentation the registrant sends in when the fax splitters split them incorrectly. The information on these pages is critical to the recertification process. As there is no identifying information printed on this page there is no way to know whose file they should be indexed into unless the applicant has written their name or registration number on it, so these pages must be deleted. When I work indexing it is not unusual for me to have to delete many of these pages in a day’s work. When I am answering Helpline calls it is frustrating to our applicants when they call to check on their rental assistance and I must tell them we need them to send their information again. Without all necessary pages in the file, the caseworker who reviews the Recertification request must contact the applicant and request the page be submitted again, sending another copy of the page to the applicant. This results in a delay in our applicants receiving their much needed rental assistance as well as additional frustration and work for everyone involved. It literally doubles the resources used: double use of paper and toner when the form must be printed a second time, double postage, and double casework time. My suggestion is to print the DR# and Registration# on this page of the declaration form or on any page of any correspondence that the applicant will need to return to us. This should be a simple solution that would reduce waste, reduce redundant casework, save money, and allow for much smoother processing as well as help us better serve our applicants and provide the excellent customer service we strive for.



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