Department of Commerce

Reduce Travel Expenses

Allow Government employees to fly at the reduced airline ticket rates, (Economy non-refundable).


I had the Governement travel office (AdTRAV) purchase my travel ticket, as required by my agency. I purchased my wife's ticket, who was going to travel with me. I paid less than half, for my wife's ticket, compared to what the Government paid for my ticket. OK, my ticket was Economy, refundable, my wife's ticket was Economy, non-refundable. We sat in the same cabin, in the same row, side by side. Her ticket was $400 less than mine.


This is the second part of the suggestion, if something happens: the Government employee is not able to make the flight, or the trip is cancelled, the ticket goes into a "Government Airline Ticket Repository". Any other government agency can use the ticket by paying the airline penalty fee, which is ususally $100 or less. The Government is still saving money. Comparatively speaking, in my specific case, if I would have purchased the non-refundable ticket, the Government would have saved $400+. If I would have not have been able to make the trip, it would have cost the Government the "reduced" cost of $400, plus a $100 penalty, for the reuse of that ticket, for a total cost of $500. A savings of $300 at worse, $400 at best.

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