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If government offices would take the time to stop and think about how much paper and ink they waste every day, they would be shocked. As an intern I go and make copies and file documents and the waste is so bad that I just want to take everyone on a fieldtrip back to my high school. We couldn't even print more than three pages a day even if we didn't have a computer at home and each extra sheet was 10 cents each. Color was never an option but I sit in this office every day and watch people print forty page reports that they will only look at once and then discard. I know that people validate it and say that they recycle it later but why the waste in the first place? We don’t need to have semi-classified documents floating around anyway. I suggest that offices cut down on their printing and maybe print two copies of the report and then put it up on the many projection screens they have all over the building. There could even be a central hard copy area that houses these documents. If we even had a day's worth of paper and ink sent over to the schools in the area or maybe even used that money to help schools make things electronic, there would be such a difference in the access to learning materials for all school children. As a recent one of these students I know that this would have helped me.

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