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Department of Veterans Affairs

Reduce Postage Costs

We frequently have to send Veterans files to the Bureau of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC for appeals review. The files contain anywhere from 1 folder to as many as 25. Total shipping weight may be anywhere from 2 ibs to as much as 100 lbs.


In most cases, once we receive notice from the BVA to send a particular case, we have up to 10 business days to get the file to BVA. We usually send the files via UPS with overnight shipping. A 50 lbs container going from Portland to Washington DC cost about $300 for overnight shipping. If we sent it at ground (arrives within five business days) it would cost about $65, or for three day select, about $100 . It is very rare when a case actually needs to go overnight so if we shipped these packages using a longer shipping term the savings would be dramatic.



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