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Reduce Political Appointee Positions

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I will not say elminate all political appointees but would say the number of political appointees must be reduced to the President's Cabinet positions and the President's and Vice President's direct staff positions. All other Department and Agency political appointee positions should be eliminated and an Executive Order issued by the President controlling their numbers and assiging their Executive Branch duties to the appropriate existing Department and Agency SES positions. The existing SES positions shall provide the President with annual execution plans complete with objectives, milestones and budgetary requirements. The plans are approved by the President (or by signature authority the appropriate Cabinet appointee) and the each SESer is held responsible and accountable for executing the approved plan. By accomplishing the plan on time and within budget the SESer stays in their position and can issue step increases and cost of living increase to their employees for their performance. If the plan objectives are accomplished ahead of scheduel and under budget a percentage of the savings can be used to issue bonuses to their employees. The remaining savings, upon Presidential approval, could be reinvested into the SESer's department or agency to initiate a project that will improve on work efficiency and future savings associated with the efficiencies gained. SES position step increase, cost of living increases and bonuses shall be approved and issued by the President.

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