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Reduce Paper wastage

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The Problem within the Federal Government(taking USCG as an Example) is that we tend to attend lot of presentations and meetings. This in turn leads to plenty of documents such as memo's,manuals, presentations and training materials being printed for each individual. Many a times these documents are seldom or never looked at after the meetings/trainings and hence often end up as junk documents on table tops/racks/thrash cans.



Within entire Federal Government a policy should be initiated and implemented that:


1) All Government manuals, journals, training materials, presentation slides, miscellaneous documents and any other document that is Officially not required to be printed out , if printed should use good/acceptable quality Recycled paper which I assume is much cheaper than a regular stack of fine quality paper that is always used.


2) Each Agency or component should maintain a library which shall maintain limited hard copies of Manuals, Journals, General Training Documents that employees could refer to or rent it out on as needed basis rather than each employee printing and maintaining their own hard copy each time a new revision or update is released.



1) Cost Savings

2) Green Initiiative

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