Farm Credit Administration

Reduce Paper copies of IPAC supporting documentation

When being billed for services from other federal agencies, we receive hard copies in the mail of Treasury Form 7306 - the billing statement to support the billing via the Intra-Governmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) System. Instead of receiving these via the mail, there should be an online mechanism to download these directly and save electronic copies of the statements.

Or, at least there should be a way to minimize the number of copies or pages sent. For example, the US GPO sends hard copy billing statements in triplicates. Each billing page is printed 3 times, thus resulting in 9 pages of paper (single-sided) per IPAC and we can get up to 3 IPACs per month (up to 18 pieces of wasted paper/month). We are a small agency, so I would imagine when including the federal government as a whole, the amount of paper being printed is substantial. Furthermore, the amount of ink required to print all of those forms could be minimized.



Idea No. 5246