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Reduce PC costs with Netbooks and Cloud computing.

A huge portion of our budget is spent on purchasing computers. These costs can be reduced significantly.


Everyone in my office is issued a laptop that includes a DVD/CD-ROM and an 80 GB hard drive. DVD/CD-ROMs are rarely used, and the 80 GB capacity is much more than is necessary, especially since most of our files are available through shared drives.


A significant amount of money could be saved if, instead of these expensive laptops, everyone was just assigned a netbook. A small number of external DVD/CD-ROMs could be made available to those who truly need them. The netbook's smaller hard drive would be sufficient to store the small number of files that need to be accessible offline. All other files would be avialble on the cloud or through shared drives.


This would also save energy costs, because much of the energy spent running a computer is on the hard drive. A smaller hard drive would be cheaper to maintain.

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