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Department of Justice

Reduce Flow of Ex-Cons Back to Prisons

Some stats show over 80% of those released from prison end up back in prison within a year. Why? They can't find a job and don't have the skills they need to find a decent job. What to do? We need a Prisoner to Society Transition program. We need a web-based capability that lists available jobs in industry, insentives for industry to hire ex-cons, agencies that are available and that offer services needed by ex-cons (job searches, job training, food, shelter, etc), etc. Getting ex-cons into a stable job environment would dramatically reduce crime (cost savings), reduce overcrowding in our prisons (cost savings), and give hope to those in prison that there is a real life after they have paid their debt to society. There are many programs in some prisons that begin to change a prisoner's attitude through faith - Kairos, Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministry, etc. These have dramatically lower return rates to prison, but transition programs are needed.



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