Department of Commerce

Reduce FAA Documents; reduce PSC costs; Abolish the NEA

The FAA sends the National Weather Service (NWS)a ton of publications that the NWS does not want. I have tried to get the FAA to stop sending, but they keep sending anyway.


The government pays way too much money in Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs for the FAA and NOAA. These packages costs each agency millions of dollars each year. Why not offer employees 2 different packages to choose from (based on circumstances) . One would be a basic package of $25k for an individual used however the employee wants. The second would be 60% of actual costs for an individual. Both of these would be increased for families. There is a better way to spend tax payer money regarding PCS costs. This has to be done at the OPM level. Both NOAA and FAA have active Unions which would stop this effort.


US Taxpayers do not want the National Endowment of the Arts. Please abolish this agency.



Idea No. 6963