Department of Commerce

Recycling Government Property

I propose that government agencies invoke an active recycling program for obsolete government property, such as computers and equipment, to benefit workplace and community.


As technology advances, obsolete equipment and electronics occupying valuable space could be routed to recycling centers, which can safely dispose of or reuse the valuable components. Benefits include newly free workspace, increased productivity, and benefits to local community through recycling or donation to a charity or school.


I envision an accepted, efficient process for recycling government property. The City of Scotts Valley, for example, teamed with California Grey Bears during a recent e-waste recycling event, and both City and charity raised money for their respective programs. The model for such a recycling partnership easily could be applied to a recycling program for government property. Streamlining the recycling process would not only clear the way for increased workplace efficiency, it would also underscore the importance of taking responsibility for our immediate surroundings and ultimately for the environment.



Idea No. 118