Department of Housing and Urban Development

Recycle/Re-Purpose Office Supplies

Each field office and/or HUB office should assign or request a volunteer to oversee the recycling/re-purposing of manilla folders, legal binders, and accordion pocket folders. Many times I have retrieved folders from rubbish cans or "documents to be shredded" bins since they are typically in good shape and require pasting a new label over the old one or by peeling off an old label.


The cost, resources, and energy used in the production and shipping of this particular office product is considerable, especially when viewed in massive bulk purchase(s).


I rarely use a new folder and opt to use an old one since they are typically in good shape after being used only once and over a short period of time.


Each office should dedicate an area of a supply room for collection and retrieval of these folders. If every employee was made aware of the savings in cost, in additon to the environmental benefit of reduced energy and material resources to make or "shred" the folders, plus the labor and transportation costs involved in producing and shipping new ones, would be significant in savings.


Perhaps an employee or admin person could volunteer to be the "Recycle Czar" for an office (or department) that would require nominal time involvement ultimatley resulting in substantial cost savings for the government when viewed in aggregate.



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