Social Security Administration

Recovery of Overpayments

Current SSA procedure says that an overpayment can be withheld through partial withholding of a beneficiary's monthly check for a time period greater than 36 months, only if a beneficiary can provide documentation that this is the most they can afford.


I propose that we increase the withholding rate in the amount of any non-Cost of Living Adjustment increase to a beneficiary's check. If it was proven before that the beneficiary can only pay back $100/month on an overpayment and their monthly check is $1200, if they receive an increase in their benefits $1250, we could withhold that extra $50 each month to ensure that as much of the overpayment on the record is recovered as possible.


Current overpayments on records become interest-free loans to the beneficiary and don't always lead to the trust funds being replenished. By being able to collect more money from a beneficiary, we can increase the odds that more overpayments can be resolved in a much more timely manner.

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Idea No. 6677