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Recommended change to USCG promotion directed PCS move policy

The USCG has a wasteful and inefficient policy that initiates a permanent change of station (PCS) move every time an active duty member is promoted to the next rank. This wasteful policy covers enlisted, Chief Petty Officers as well as officers.


There have been cases of enlisted members reporting to their next duty station, being promoted shortly thereafter, then immediately executing another PCS move, all within 5 weeks. This policy is bad for moral, hard on military families, extremely disruptive to the reporting command as well as absurdly expensive.


In Valdez, AK we have had as many as 5 Captains of the Port (COTP) in only two years. With PCS moves costing between $90,000-120,000, the additional cost to the government was between half a million dollars and one million dollars for this single billet. (5x2x100K)


It is generally military policy that a billet can be filled with a member one grade above or below the published recommended grade. There are no circumstances that would prevent a member from successfully completing their tour of duty merely because they are one grade senior to the planned billet grade. The automatic PCS moves cannot be justified from a management, leadership or financial perspective.


Recommend a policy change that directs USCG members to complete their current tour of duty regardless of promotion.



Idea No. 1733