Executive Office of the President

Reciprocity of Security Clearances

My idea is very simple. With the massive cost and duplication of effort on security reviews, repetitive nature of security review, it makes common sense to me that to save a massive amount of cost, if a person has a clearance from one agency it should be recognized as valid if say with in the last year. In my agency the average cost of a background effort is $300 to $400 per person. If this occurs repeatedly, as it does, then it is fairly safe to say that the multiplication of cost can become tremendous. Why then is reciprocity not a default when and where possible. It is high time that all law enforcement agencies be forced to share/interface on this aspect to reduce costs, minimize duplication, and reduce the amount of excess personal data stored in multiple places about the same person. If the IRS and SSA can share data why can the FBI, OPM, DOD, Secret Service, and the entire Federal law enforcement community not get on the same page. After all they are all "public servants" and on the same team.



Idea No. 2217