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Reciprocate Security clearances within all Federal Government!

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We spend billions of dollars on background investigation for Federal employees (including soldiers leaving the service going to Federal employment) with current clearances by the Federal Government, due in part to disconnect. A Federal employee going from one Federal Agency to another should take no more than a month. However due to redoing (Cleared Employee) the extensive background investigation it takes more money, energy and time (slows the process) to a year or more. We can get hundreds of thousands in better trained and qualified people to needed positions with less cost to the Government by reciprocating clearances within the Government (Agencies).


It is my opinion that we can save $$$ Billions for all the agencies, if “Clearances” are reciprocated within most of the Federal agencies (improve security, information sharing, faster employment, keep good employees, save money and others).


Clearance required just once from Federal Agency for the duration/period of clearance and then re-check (redo) after this period.

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