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Rechargeable Batteries

Mandate that all batteries purchased with Federal dollars be rechargeable (if the size of battery comes in rechargeable).


If there is a piece of equipment that requires non-rechargeables (or lithium) in order to perform properly, then require an exception to policy to be turned in with each purchase.


This would not cost the Federal Government any money to implement (outside of very minute administrative costs), and would save hundreds of millions of dollars a year over the lifespan of a typical rechargeable battery.


This idea would save lives as well, in deployed environments, where batteries are in high demand. Less disposable batteries (i.e. more rechargeable) would mean less convoys on the road to transport supplies (thus translating to less deaths due to IEDs and other attacks), and would also result in better stewardship of the country in which we are operating (less hazardous waste disposed of in local landfills).



Idea No. 16932