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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Reasonable A/C and Heating

My concern is primarily with the waste of over-air-conditioning in the summer and similarly, over-heating in winter. As my mother used to say whenever we kids complained about the house being cold in winter: you need to put on a sweater! The point is you should dress appropriately to match the weather (whether that's light clothes in summer or warm in winter). One of the most wasteful practices I have observed by several colleagues (and I don't blame them for this) is the use of individual electric heaters in the summer (when it's 100 degrees in DC), because they are so cold from the A/C. This is obviously ridiculous and wasteful. The U.S. Dept of Energy has noted that heating and cooling accounts for 56% of energy usage in a typical home. We should set the example in federal buildings that heat and a/c should be used to make people more comfortable, but to a reasonable degree. if it's 100 degrees out in a DC summer, it is unnatural to put the A/C down to 60 or even 65. People can be comfortable in 70 or even 75, and dress code should be adjusted accordingly so people are not expected to wear suits.



Idea No. 14104