Department of Health and Human Services - IMB

Real Estate Property

The new situation in the Economy has created many opportunities for investors in the real estate world. The US Government is leasing Buildings, Land and Real Estate Property paying millions of dollars every year to private organizations or individuals.


The Government also should take advantage of the situation and purchase vacant property for their use.


•Example Number 1: Purchasing vacant buildings and land in foreclosure will help eliminate so many vacant real estate properties and the US Government will benefit since will not being paying rent for a buildings or vacant land. Using this idea the Government will eliminate foreclosures, help the banks, help the people with the struggle and the main and most important eliminating debt since the real estate property usually will go up in value.


•Example Number 2: The elimination of many US Government bases around the world has created either a donation to the State or Selling for under the market price to individuals and organizations. The US Government should utilize those facilities and combine many organizations in empty or vacant property. Utilizing those facilities already in place will eliminate the leasing option and saving the Government millions.


•Example Number 3: Combining facilities, Departments and Federal Organizations in the same building or plant will help to reduce the federal debt and payments.



Idea No. 12833