Social Security Administration

Re-employed Annuitants

Re-employed Annuitants (or REAs for short) are employs who have retired, whether eligible or not, who have decided to come back to work. Sometimes these REAs come back to work in as little as 30-60 days. If the REA who retired was eligible to do so, then when they are accepted back at their old position, they are given their old base salary as well as their pension. This should not be the case. I am a student intern with SSA and my position is being terminated due to lack of funds for the 2012 fiscal year. Lack of funds to continue to support the student internships that provide future government workers with experience, but enough funds to continue to pay REAs twice, both with their salary and retirement check. This is something that is wasting valuable federal government resources. What I would like to propose is that if retirees decide to come back, that they only get their salary and not continue to get their SSA check as well. Why should they continue to get an SSA retirement check if they are not retired? Then what was the point of retiring? Save these jobs for the students or post-graduates that need a job so they can buy a home, a car and start up a family. Because the people who decided to retire obviously made a choice to stop working and felt comfortable with the money they had with the SSA retirement check as a nice supplement every month. Those people have homes and if they have ever had children, then I’m sure their children are old enough to start supporting themselves. And if they are not old enough to do so, then they shouldn’t of decided to retire. These are wasted funds to pay someone twice when they are doing the same exact work as they were before. Especially a big waste when my job is terminated as of 9/30/2011 due to lack of funds. What a shame.



Idea No. 18555