Department of the Interior

Re-Negotiate or Eliminate GovTrip Voucher Fee

Even if I book my hotel, drive a Government Vehicle when I return and run my travel voucher, where I or my OA enters all the information into the database. We have to pay GovTrip (Northrup Grumman) $15 per voucher. If I travel to 5 meetings in a month, that is $75 in just voucher fees! How many people travel every year, every day? This is not a good deal for the government. If GovTrip booked my flights or made my reservations (they can but it costs more) then I understand a fee. However, just clicking 'enter' should not cost us $15 per voucher.


The Government should renegotiate this fee, it should be at the very least representative of the complexity of the travel or the based on the complextiy of the software, there are software programs that are vastly more complex and exponentially cheaper, namely ARCGIS.


I believe we could package a number of ideas expressed on this site in regards to improving travel and GOVTRIP to make some serious saving for the people of America.



Idea No. 1716