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It is rare that incompetent or abusive management are removed. Typically they are only changed or removed after they do something where the agency has to step in to clean up. If employees had the opportunity to report these individuals while the negative behavior is occurring, the agency would save itself from having to clean up after them later, and would make for a better work force. As an example, there were senior managers/executives cheating on time sheets and stealing money, employees knew this but did not have a recourse or way to report it. It is perceived as "wrong" for an employee to report unethical or illegal behavior in government. It was not until finally OIG received a report from outside the agency that an investigation took place and they removed the management officials by handcuffs. The office is still having a lot of problems. By at least having a mechanism where people can report this type of behavior, there would be more accountability. It would make management think twice before they acted.

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