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IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC) are slowly being required to scan checks received from taxpayers using the RS-PCC (Remittance Strategy for Paper Check Conversion)tool. (Eventually all departments within IRS will be using this system). The program is great and allows the Treasury to recognize payments within days instead of weeks. However, to save some money, the requirement to key verify should be changed. Employees required to verify checks previously scanned have to re-key all data. This is very time consuming and employees are having to stay late to ensure all off the counter duties are completed. This also takes one or two employees of the counter therefore they are unable to assist taxpayers who have taken off of work because they need assistance. Changing the RS-PCC verification process would allow employees to assist more taxpayers and allow employees to collect more money for the Treasury. The Treasury would also save money for not paying out credit time or overtime.

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