Department of Veterans Affairs


PORT OR VA HOSPITAL HIRE MORE of the cheapest labor in the building , Nurse Aides and Housekeepers. Presently there is not 24 hr house keeping. This is intended to be a hygieneic enviornment. Without 24 hrs of houskeeping , cleanliness cycles from -clean to filthy-, back to clean. Patients are exposed during their 24 hour a day stay, multiplied by the number of days they are admitted..Nurse Aids provide basic bedside care and protection. The staff is constantly overwhelmed when Nurse Aides are expected to provide baths , safe observatioin ,and assist with basic needs for 12-14 patients each and every day. 1 person,12 hour shifts, 14 patients = few baths and inconsistent care in this hospital enviornment. The only solution has been to pay overtime as needed. After working as a RN for over 20 years in many different facilities and having worked at th VA for over 10 years ,this appears to be an ineffective and probably expensive attempt at a solution. If there is a statistic that reflects extra hospital days for hygiene or safety related incidents , consistent increased hygiene practices and observation might be the best and most cost effective fix. HOUSE KEEPERS AND NURSE AIDES ARE THE CHEAPEST LABOR IN THE BUILDING THAT HAVE DIRECT PATIENT CONTACT. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU.



Idea No. 7167