Legislative Branch

RIF – Reduction In Force – Military, SES, and Civil Service

Initiate an immediate RIF for military officers, SES, and civil service (ESPECIALLY the “high grades”). Make the announcements NOW and start chopping ASAP under existing personnel rules. Eventually, the work for the remaining unproductive employees will be so overwhelming that they will capitulate and retire. Given the President’s proposed policy to only hire one or two for every three retirees, new blood will come into government service. With civil service, this will have the added benefit of reversing the recent policy of converting contractors to civil service – last in, first out. With military it’s easy – get rid of “retired on active duty” officers, careerists, malingerers, etc. Those who have not been deployed or have not contributed to the “war efforts” should be targeted – as well as “non-warrior” bureaucrats. And finally, there are too many high grade DR/GS/SES “managers” who can easily be replaced with lower grade employees and non-political appointees.


How to motivate people to leave: Implement a forced move for all the “high level” GS with mobility clauses. Been at a base for 20 years as a SES/GS-14/15? Too bad, you’ve been assigned to DC (in-grade) for a minimum of 4 years. How to correctly implement a RIF: Are you receiving a MILITARY retirement or social security check – then YOU are the first to go (seniority be damned). What Civil Service NEEDS to do RIGHT AWAY (to SHOW they are SERIOUS) is to give notice of the RIF proceedings ASAP. This will get a lot of folks attention. Civil Service has “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” – too many worthless over-paid “visionaries”, “managers” and “supervisors” (both military, civilian, and contractors) and not enough engineers, logisticians, technicians, BUYERS, or researchers doing “real” work. Way too top heavy – by too many “old” degree holders, in-bred “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality.



Idea No. 4368