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Reduce government Welfare Spending.

Today, welfare spending is the largest item in the federal budget, standing at $888 out of the $3.6 trillion of the federal budget, that is nearly 25% of federal funds. I believe that instead of giving money to individuals who are not currently working, we should provide them with work in their communities in return for pay and benefits. Government Welfare spending is at an all time high right now and so is unemployment. A rational way to reduce them both is to require that individuals on welfare who are physically functional to work in their communities cleaning up, painting, rebuilding, educating, and so forth. By making it a requirement for individuals to give back in order to receive assistance we eliminate two issues with one action. For example, a person requesting assistance from HUD would be required to complete a certain number (equal to the amount of assistance provided) of hours painting over graffiti in his/her own community or city in order to receive benefits. I am NOT suggesting that we discontinue the welfare system, but that we require work or education in return for funds & services. We can no longer afford to provide assistance as a nation without expecting individuals to help the nation.

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