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Department of Homeland Security

Quarterly Vehicle Inspections

We all know that government issued vehicles are a big expense in the government. However, they are a bigger expense then they need to be because of how poorly they are maintained, and that is largely because most government employees don't care for the government vehicles as they would their personal vehicles. This abuse destroys the vehicles in a shorter period of time.

My suggestion is to have quarterly vehicle inspection in which the Group Supervisors are responsible for inspecting each one of their employee’s government vehicles. This would ensure cleanliness, oil changes and basic maintenance is up to date, engine is clean, tires are not over worn, the vehicle does not have any damage from previously inspected quarter, and will ultimately hold the government employee driving the vehicle responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle. This would definitely ensure longevity in government vehicles if the employees driving them were held responsible the vehicle. Special Agents are reprimanded when their government issued weapons are not clean just before a quarterly qualification... why shouldn't the employee be responsible for properly maintaining their vehicle, which is the most expensive pieces of equipment the government gives to an employee?!



Idea No. 5951