Department of Justice

Put Prisoners to Work

There are only five types of criminals that are not considered rehabilitative (terrorists, serial killers, serial arsonists, pedophiles, and rapists). All others can be reintroduced into society with the proper social and work skills given to them. Our prisons (both federal and state) have become a baby sitting location that turns out nothing but repeat offenders. Our prisons offer free health care, climate controlled, recreational time, with cable tv and arts and hobby time. Prisons should be bad enough that prisoners learn their lesson and repay society, but humane enough that we rehabilitate them. The 2010 census shows almost 11 million people in our criminal justice system either in parole or in prison. The ones on parole are simply there because the prisons are overcrowded. The individuals that are not included in one of those 5 major crimes mentioned previously, could be used in supervised work details 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. That is humane enough because most Americans are having to work that much to pay their bills and it is less hours than what our military personnel work. These work details would not only teach valuable job skills so that prisoners have a chance of turning their lives around, but could be used for forestry, mining, agriculture, construction, levees, irrigation, debris removal, and many more of the needed "kick start" phases of investing in our critical infrastructure. This would create an almost 11 million man labor force that would not require additional tax payer dollars. While the prisoners were on work details there would be less use of utilities and cable tv at the prisons which would save millions of dollars if implemented both in the federal correction systems and state correction systems.



Idea No. 1296