Department of Defense

Purple BASOPS - Defense Base Operations Support Agency

Within Department of Defense, we are having a billing war between the Services for base operations support (BOS). Although the specific war fighting mission of each Service is unique, there is absolutely nothing Service-specific about BOS. Paying the electricity bill in the Army should be the same as paying the electricity bill in the Air Force. Child care on a Navy base should be the same as that offered to the children of Soldiers or Airmen. The savings in combining these non-war-fighting BOS functions under one purple Defense Agency is the elimination of the duplicate hierarchies in each Service, as well as the elimination of inefficient inter-Service billing.

Army and Navy have already consolidated their BOS functions under one agency/command, which frees the warfighting Commanders to focus on their core mission. To obtain real savings we now need to take this to the next step and consolidate all BOS under one Defense Agency. This consolidation of common functions has worked well with Defense Finance & Accounting Service, with Defense Commissary Agency, with Defense Logistics Agency and many other purple organizations. Establishing a Defense Base Operations Support Agency would save on duplicate overhead, improve parity of support levels between the various Services and eliminate the unnecessary billing wars that currently waste an incredible amount of time, energy and effort. There are several glaring examples of the waste caused by Services providing reimbursable support to each other. Joint Intelligence Operations Command Europe (JIOC-EUR) located in Molesworth in the United Kingdom is one glaring example of the inefficiency of Service specific BOS functions. The quality of life support provided to the JIOC-EUR has been seriously degraded while the Air Force and Army fight over who should pay for what. As discretionary funding for Defense declines, this is one fix that will pay off exponentially in both cost savings and increased bureaucratic efficiency.

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