Financial Reform

Purchasing less equipment

Many offices have multifunctional photocopier devices (or reprographic equipment). These machines are able to copy, fax, print, and scan. Instead of buying different pieces of equipment (i.e., a multifunctional copier machine, a printer, a fax machine, and a scanner all for an office), just buy the one multifunctional copier machine.


As a result, you are no longer buying and maintaining a minimum of 4 different pieces of equipment. Instead, the office has one multifunctional photocopier that: 1) copies, 2) can be networked for printing, 3) has walk-up faxing, and 4) scans.


This is an idea that can be used in every Government agency. This is not limited to just SSA, but also can be applied to the White House, Department of Defense, State governments, Congress, etc.



Idea No. 13447