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Purchase Cabling/Networking Supplies AS NEEDED

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We place "LARGE" orders to stock our warehouses full of cables in order to support us through the year, however, we don't always use all of the cabling that we stock because when the technology changes, so does the cabling requirement! This requires us to put a NEW order out for cabling of another specification, which leaves all of our previously purchased cables laying around... and the need to seek more warehouse room for the new shipments of cable.


Since we are unable to predict future technology requirements, it would be best if there was an avenue to acquire cables QUICKLY on an AS NEEDED basis given how fast technology is changing VERSUS having to order large quantities of cables for unknown projects or projects still in their infancy.


-> We would save the government millions each year since we would only buy what we need, and not necessarily what we think we may need 9 months from now.


-> We would reduce our need for warehouse space since we will be USING the supplies we order instead of letting them sit in a warehouse.


-> We would be able to provide the most appropriate/up-to-date type of cabling for the project at hand, allow us to reduce network errors, support faster speeds, and prevent network down time to the end users.

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