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Pull the string – Use office window shades

Approximately 50% of the U.S. Government’s energy budget is used to heat, cool and move AIR! Windows in leased and owned government offices all around the country are already equipped with simple Levelor-brand and other brand venetian blinds. In almost all cases, these taxpayer-supported blinds are rarely used and just hover silently in their hoisted position at the top of the windowsill year in and out. I suggest a simple flyer and maybe a mass email that reminds government workers as to the incredible cost-savings of a properly-used window blind. Is the afternoon sun baking your desk and forcing the building AC to kick into overdrive? Adjust the blind to keep that sun heat from coming into your space. Is it a frigid February day? Open up the shade to let in all of those warming sun rays and lower the need for your building’s heating system. We all know how it works, but a fun little reminder could save wheelbarrows of heating and cooling cash.



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