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For the FS - there should be a nationwide change to publications that look the same - one template for recreation newspapers, one template for 11x17 tri-fold brochures, 1 template for 8x11 tri-fold brochures, 1 template for interprative signs, etc. Hours of time is spent updating publications, devising layouts, etc. And no one forest has a brochure that looks like another forests/grasslands. Sometimes pubs don't even look the same from one district to another.


Not only would this save money in the time spent on creating/editing and maintaining pubications, it would also provide better customer service.


There are many methods available to provide locked templates where only certain information could be updated/changed, along with having professional designers create the publications in industry appropriate programs so that they can be multi-purposed for both web and print, alng with ensuring that they will be 508 Compliant. This would also save a lot of time and money on providing software to staff and training to them in learning how to use the software.

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